• Ravi Chermala

    Yoga Instructor & Astrologer


    Ravi Chermala is a Yoga Instructor and Astrologer. Available virtually and by appointment,

    Chermala introduces unique spiritual wellness concepts to people all over the world!

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    Yoga Instructor

    Ravi Chermala has practiced yoga as a self-development tool for most of his life. He is an expert in all forms of yoga, including the eight limbs of yoga, postures of yoga and the basic asanas. Chermala is an expert in practicing all forms of yoga, including ashtanga vinyasas, restorative, kundalini, iyengar, vinayas, bikram, hatha, vinyasa, bhujangasana and tadasana. Over the years, Chermala has fully embraced the healing and restorative nature of practicing yoga. In his own yoga studio, the Instructor translates ancient routines to meet modern needs.


    Ravi Chermala is a firm believer in the power of astrology. For centuries, leaders of the world and practitioners of spiritual wellness have relied on astrology as a powerful tool of prediction. Focused on the past and present, Chermala utilizes astrology readings as a way to harness powerful lessons from lived experiences. For his clients, he offers critical readings that help individuals understand themselves and their loved ones better, through practicing astrology.